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Get the Best from your Vitopod Heated Propagator

13th February 2018

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Propagators are a must-have piece of equipment as they allow you to grow produce in a controlled environment. The ability to manipulate the temperature within the structure is hugely beneficial as it encourages healthy growth. Being able to keep the temperature at a warmer level, not only means that you can begin seed sowing earlier, but also that you can keep the conditions at the ideal temperature for the plant you are growing. For example peppers prefer a temperature range of 18-21°C while germinating, and young tomato seedlings grow well when kept at a constant 18°C.

The Vitopod Heated Propagator is one example of a controlled heated environment. This height adjustable propagator has won various awards as it provides a great environment for seeds, cuttings and over-wintered plants. The Vitopod temperature can be set to any 1°C between 5°C and 30°C – offering you a huge range to choose from as well as precision when growing.

The Vitopod can be purchased as single, double or triple height and height extensions can be bought at any time. Each extension is 15cm tall, so you can protect taller plants without heating your greenhouse. The Deluxe Vitopod measures an impressive 111cm in length and 58cm in width, plus it fits 12 half seed trays or 55 pots! The Standard measures 56cm in length and 55cm in width – giving lots of room for raising plants.

Heat is distributed evenly throughout the base, so there are no hot or cold spots, allowing seeds to germinate evenly with higher success rates. The accurate temperature sensor triggers the supply of heat depending on the reading, allowing the right temperature to be maintained without wasting electricity. The presence of large vents also means humidity can be controlled, so your plants don’t dampen-off.

This electric propagator is built to last – the lids and sides are treated to prevent yellowing and there’s a two year guarantee. The Vitopod Heated Propagator is available from £120, and to find out more, go to


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