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The Instagram accounts every gardener should be following

12th March 2019

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We round-up the green-fingered folk who are bringing horticulture into the social media age

Photos of delicious fruit and vegetable harvests, endless inspiration and tips from other grow your own enthusiasts, a wonderful community of new online friends just waiting to be made – we love Instagram! The social media platform may not seem like the most obvious resource for expert growing advice, but you’d be surprised by how useful it can be. Keeping your phone to hand when you’re on the plot is no bad idea.

If you’re yet to join the kitchen garden family of Instragrammers – what are you waiting for? Don’t leave it another second before getting involved. Here are some of our favourite ‘Insta garden celebs’ that everyone should be following right now.

1. @MrsBeesGarden

The elusive MrsBeesGarden may not relish being in front of the camera, but her feed is still well worth a follow. Images of vibrant and colourful veggies and help from her furry friend Buddy are sure to keep you inspired this growing season. If you missed her taking over our social media channels recently, catch up right here.

2. @Lavenderandleeks

Lavenderandleeks is a real favourite around GYO HQ. Her stunning photography brings out the true beauty in the everyday around the allotment. Think sheds, tools and digging can’t be given that Instagram-worthy polish? Head on over to Katie’s account to be proven wrong.

3. @MrPlantGeek

Plant geek by name, plant geek by nature. If it’s something plant-related you want to know, then Michael Perry (aka MrPlantGeek) is your man. In a recent interview with us, Michael explained how shocked he is that plants are suddenly cool again, but with Instagram accounts like this around, is it any wonder?

4. @thegoodlifeainteasy

It might not be easy, but the good life sure does make for a good Instagram post. Following Rachel’s updates is something of an immersive experience, like many of the lovely people on this list, she really knows how to keep you captivated and waiting for the next update on her productive allotment. Plus, if you’re a hen-lover, you’re in for a treat.

5. @mylittleallotment

Documenting the twists and turns of keeping her Lincolnshire allotment thriving, Kirsty speaks openly about her mental health and the positive impact being on the plot has had on her healing process. Gardening holds more benefits than just the physical ones, and we love Kirsty for helping to spread some awareness of this important subject matter.


And last but definitely not least, head on over to Instagram to keep up to date with Rekha’s garden and kitchen antics. With Rekha, you get a little bit of everything, whether it’s tips on experimenting with new plant varieties, or inspiration for turning your fresh harvests into mouth-watering meals. This is a feed that will give you tonnes of inspiration.

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