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Growing Advice From David Domoney

30th August 2018

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On 21st August, Love Your Garden presenter David Domoney took over Grow Your Own’s social media platforms! He shared with us must-know gardening tips and fascinating facts. You can catch up with all of his advice by reading this blog, so scroll down for David’s growing tips!

Did You Know…
Peaches, pears, apricots, quinces, strawberries, and apples are members of the rose family. So are ornamental species such as spirea, mountain ash, goatsbeard, and ninebark.

Nailed It!
Sometimes the writing on plant labels washes off in the rain or fades in the sun. Keep it there for longer by painting over the top with clear nail varnish. This works especially well on homemade plant labels made from coffee stirrers or old twigs.
nailed it

Make The Most Of Cut Flowers
Stop the water in your cut flower vases going green by adding a tot of vodka. It inhibits the bacteria growth that turns water green and rotten, making your flowers last longer.

Did You Know…
Sulphuric compounds are to blame for cut onions bringing tears to your eyes. According to the National Onion Association, chilling the onion and cutting the root end last reduces the problem.

Recycle The Broom
An old broom handle can be really useful in the garden. If you have heavy soil that sets hard in summer, push the broom handle into the soil around the plant to crack the crust. Then water into the holes to make sure moisture reaches the plant roots, rather than running off the surface.

Wash Aphids Away
Deal with aphids without pesticides – simply add a little washing up liquid to a water spray bottle. Douse plants regularly, especially on leaves with aphids on them.

Smart Garden Solution
Keep the water in water butts fresh with a filter made of old tights or stockings. Cover the end of the drainpipe with the tights to catch leaves and debris. Remember to clean out the filter regularly.

Alternative Tree Ties
You can also use tights as tree ties. They are ideal because they stretch in the wind. Tie in a figure of eight so the tree stem doesn’t rub on the wooden stake.

Find Out More
You can follow David on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more advice or go to his website

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