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5 Cucumber Varieties To Sow Now

13th June 2018

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You may have sown cucumbers early in March in a heated greenhouse, or left it until the month after if your greenhouse is unheated. By now, the plants will be prospering, and beginning to think about producing fruit. Don’t despair, however, if you haven’t sown any seeds yet as June is the month you can do so outdoors, so read through GYO’s advice for five great varieties to try.

This cucumber is perfect for slicing and has a delicious taste. For sowing outside, prepare the veg patch, and sow two seeds directly into this area at a depth of 0.5cm. Remember to leave enough room for this crop to sufficiently develop, so rows will need to be spaced at a distance of 60cm apart. The great thing about this variety is that it has a good resistance to two annoying diseases – downy mildew and powdery mildew! This type is also good for those who have smaller gardens as they will grow in containers or grow bags.

‘Jogger’ F1
This variety favours a sunny area and will produce a dark green slicer cuke. Sow seeds outdoors now, and place them 1cm deep on their sides. Again make sure plants are spaced appropriately with sufficient room, around 90cm will allow them to prosper. They do well growing outside, and can cope with a degree of unfavourable weather better than some other varieties. When growing, the crop is not speedy at producing seeds, which makes them even more suitable for cucumber sandwiches!

‘Burpless Tasty Green’ F1
This flavoursome variety is perfect for those trying to avoid the unfavourable problem of ‘bitter’ cucumbers. These yields have a lovely green appearance, along with the tiny spines that are found as they grow – so be a bit careful when picking! Sow seeds now, two together, and as they develop remove the weaker one – this can be done once the first true leaves become visible. As well as being very tasty, the great advantage of this variety is that they are resistant to powdery mildew.

‘Chinese Slangen’
This cucumber looks like those that are sold in supermarkets, due to its long body shape, as they reach around 50cm in length! This type is also packed with flavour, great for a sandwich filler or an addition to salads. Choose the area of the veg patch outside where you want to grow this variety and make sure it is prepared before sowing. It is vital that this crop has sufficient support as it develops for the better yields to be produced. This variety is also suitable for grow bags.

This disease resistant type produces flavour-filled cucumbers for you to enjoy. As with other varieties, sow seeds two together at a depth of 0.5cm in the soil. Remember to care for your plant as it develops, making sure it is receiving the resources it requires, especially water and the appropriate feed. Even if you don’t have a large garden you can grow this predominantly female variety on the patio in containers or grow bags.


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