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Fight Back Weeds With The Sheen Flame Gun

13th June 2018

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Dealing with Tough, Persistent Weeds with Flame

Flaming is a traditional means of controlling pesky weeds that is seeing a resurgence in popularity as a powerful, non-toxic, organic method of destroying even the most persistent weeds. Both annual and perennial weeds can present tough, ongoing problems. This is because annual weeds come back from seeds left in the soil, and perennial weeds because they regrow from roots left in the earth.

A Sheen Flame Gun can address both types of weed problems.

Killing Annual Weeds
When using flame to destroy annual weeds the technique is to pass the flame over the weed to kill the plant tissue and stop sap rising so that the top growth dies. With a 2,000°F controlled flame you can be confident that this will be highly effective, and you’ll see this when the weed leaves turn from glossy to dull. The Sheen flame gun will also kill off annual weed seeds, therefore preventing new specimens arising. There’s a lot to be said for an old adage: “Never allow a weed to seed”.

Killing Perennial Weeds
Whatever method of weed control you use, perennial weeds are always a tougher problem. Flaming is an effective method that is less back-breaking than most.

For these persistent weeds, use your first stage of flaming to kill the plant tissue and make a second pass with your flame gun a couple of days later to burn up the dried weeds. Expect to repeat the treatment at two to three week intervals and you’ll soon see the toughest weeds give up the battle against that flame.

Potash: A Bonus for Soil Nutrition
Weeding is always a chore, so why not make the process one that also benefits your soil? The residue from burning off your dried weeds contains potash which can be dug into the soil. It is one of the main nutrients needed by plants and crops during their rapid growth phases in spring and summer, so a free application of this essential ingredient for soil health is always welcome.

Flaming is a toxin-free way to destroy weeds without harming other plants, wildlife or pets. Free from the harmful chemicals in weed killers and quicker and more powerful than manual weeding, flaming is a great solution for your tough weed problems.

Find out more about and purchase the Sheen Flame Gun here.



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