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    Default Anyone tried Eradibait for getting rid of Rats and Mice?

    I have heard Eradibait is not a chemical but a natural pest control, made from Corn Kernals, so will not harm wildlife and other animals. I was wondering if it's affective as the Chemical ones. I really don't like doing this, but know of the consequences if I don't.

    Would appreciate any feedback successful or not.

    I'am pretty new to these boards. Been busy past couple of weeks settling in our new edition to our home, A rescue dog. She's doing well.

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    Hi Callie,

    Yes, i've tried Eradirat for getting rid of rats. THe first time i think it might have worked, i'm not sure. But to be honest i never actually SAW the rats - they were (possibly) in my garden with a burrow under the rose bush, there were several rat-sized entrances and i think they were attracted by the bird food falling from the feeder. Anyway, i followed the instructions but despite none of the food i placed on the 'rat runs' being eaten, the stuff i shoved down the hole possibly did the trick. Whatever it was, they left after a few weeks or died.

    However, recently i've got another infestation of rats, this time i DID see one - totally freaked me out, jumped right in front of me in the shed! I tried the eradirat again but it made no difference whatsoever, they didn't eat it. I've resorted to tradidtional rat poison i'm afraid, and they've eaten tons of this too - i've eather got a huge infestation of rats, or they're resistant to the poison!!

    Anyway - it might be worth trying, you don't say if its mice or rats that are the problem. It doesn't work immediately, it takes time, but if they're not doing huge damage and time isn't of the essence the it might be OK.

    GOod luck!
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    I tried Eradirat a few years ago. It was eaten, but I don't think it got rid of the rats.
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    Can I just suggest that if you want really effective rat bait go to the nearest Agrucultural supplier and ask them. What they sell you will work.

    We had a huge infestation when I lived in the UK, 7 in the garden at once , got the bait and very soon NO RATS.
    Another alternative is cats. We have 3 and live in the middle of a field and I have not seen any sign of rats and very little of mice.

    Best of luck
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    Last year we had a problem with rats. With all the rain we had it had driven them out of the flooded sewers.

    We contacted our local council, and they provided us with bait/poison free of charge. Apparently local authorities are duty bound to provide this service.

    We have had to call them in again this year.

    In the past we have had problems with mice in the greenhouse (eating seeds and new shoots of plants), etc. When the chap from the council came, and we mentioned the mouse problem, he told us that if you have rats the mice will disappear, ie you will not get the two living side by side.

    Which is the lesser of two evils? Mice versus rats?


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    Thanks for all your messages.

    I am using a chemical one at the moment, which seems to keep it under control. Last year we had mice in the house, and sheds, etc. I used the traps for them, and we had spotted a few rats outside, especially in the compost heap. Since using the Chemical one, that seemed to do the trick. Although last year our old dog passed away, and after a while cats returned to our garden, so not sure if they were keeping some of the mice population down as well.

    I was interested to know if the Eradibait would be as successful as the chemical one.

    Found an interesting site while Googling.

    FreeFactFinder - How to Destroy Household Pests

    The bit about Rats, I don't like the idea of the Dutch Method, but wondered about mixing the Plaster of Paris with sugar, flour, and leaving water out if this will work. Outside in the damp I'am sure it will solidify.

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    I've used it for a couple of years and it is brilliant, not just becuase it is safe round chickens, ponies, dogs, ferrets, cats etc but it really does control rats.
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    That site is fab, Callie
    "Gather all kinds of mint and scatter about your shelves, and they will forsake the premises."

    I wonder if that will get rid of our mice? It's the only one where I understand the ingredients - ultramarine and tartar emetic anyone?

    I caught one in a humane trap, but they're wise to them now. I'm going to have a look at this eradibait, now

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