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Thread: Wild garlic

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    Default Wild garlic

    Has anyone had any success with cultivating wild garlic? If so, any tips?
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    NO! I've tried a few times but it doesn't seem to like being transplanted. Are you thinking of transplanting or sowing seed? I'd be interested if anyone has had sucess.
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    tried twice from seed and both times,NOTHING!
    althou other allium seeds planted at same time germinated and grew perfectly,
    so i gave up on seeds, it grows so profusly near me in the woods, i get mine from there now,
    never tried a transplant, habitat seems to be moist and shady,almost allways,

    try a transplant at different times of year, before flowering/after flowering,when leaves have died off, see if that helps,
    grow in a shaded spot and keep moist, might be an idae to find out what soil it prefers if any,

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    Jan 2006


    I actually bought a plant from Malvern gardening show last year, forgot to plant it out and thought i'd lost it as it was only in a black plastic bag type of pot. Noticed this week it's throwing up leaves again so will definitely find it a damp spot and PLANT it! It seems to grow plentifully besides the canals I've noticed on our boating holidays so will find it somewhere moist.

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    I think the clue is in the name hey...WILD garlic. It will transplant in autumn if you have a shady spot.(never tried from seed). However it is in fact illegal to dig up wild flowers and it is a joy to go out in the woods and collect some each year... It is at its best before it flowers.

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    We have some, although our soil and situation are not its favourite (shallow, dry and mostly exposed!) and while they will grow in many places they seem to prefer damper conditions. We have tried seed - it needs to be fresh, and not sown too deeply, then it goes quite well. See if you can get permission to gather some fresh seed from growing plants. We also bought some bulbs (10 for 50, about three years ago) from a reputable native plant nursery - they seem to have changed hands and I can't find their current website or I would recommend them (Natural Surroundings in Holt, Norfolk). You might be able to buy them in the green but it's a little late, so you may have to wait until autumn for them to be available.

    The best results have come from those bought bulbs planted and left to self-seed, especially in the wild area of our garden which is much more like their natural habitat. They are just getting in to their stride now, and we had rocket and wild garlic salad in our cheese rolls yesterday

    So if you want to grow some in your garden I would start with fresh seed, or buy some from a reputable supplier of native bulbs, and be prepared to wait a year or two until they really settle in. They are pretty invasive though!

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    I transplanted some wild garlic from my in-laws back garden (where its running riot!) and so far fingers-crossed it seems to be taking well (its been in since Feb). The clumps had about 3-4 inches of growth on them when they were dug up and I've planted it under the apple tree on my plot as they like shady conditions and my soil is clayey and prone to holding too much water. Checked on them today (in the snow) and they're already producing flowers.

    Hope this helps

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    i digged out one wild garlic at the end of march by Loch ness (didn't know it was illegal back then...sorry garlic) and planted in shady, watter logged clayey spot. Forgot about it and was happy to see the young grow popping out the following spring. I think wild garlic likes rough and not much TLC :-) these days have patch about 5x5 m big
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