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    Claire72 is offline Rooter
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    May 2008
    south west Scotland

    Default When can I pick my cucumbers?

    We have some large cucumbers on our plant, do we have to wait until they are completely smooth? also, I have 2 large cucumbers and a couple of small cucumbers and lots of flowers, will the smaller cucumbers take off once the big ones are removed? OH is talking about removing all the flowers and small cucumbers as he says the plant won't support them, but I think they will come when they are ready?


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    Alice's Avatar
    Alice is offline Mature Fruiter
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    Perthshire, Scotland.
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    Claire, you can eat your cucumbers when you like. Cut the big ones and let the little ones grow on. Enjoy.

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

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    PurpleBecca is offline Seedling
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    Jul 2008
    Irish republic, County Limerick


    Here here! Cut and eat - the more you cut, the more will come and before you know it neighbours will be crossing the street to avoid being given cucumbers!

    On a serious note: They are just delicious at any reasonable size (what is reasonable in your house?) I like them about a foot long.

    BUT! like the courgettes in a good summer (see rotting off of babies elsewhere - boo hoo!) They grow fast - and once they get big they can get seedy and even tough (but that IS old) I suppose the seeds depend on the variety chosen - but I have grown several different ones and have seen seeds in all of them (once big)

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    SarzWix is offline Gardening Gnomette
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    Jul 2006
    Near Skipton
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    The 'official' line, is to pick them once the sides are parallel (sp?), but as Alice says, you can pick them when you like, just don't let them turn yellow (unless they're a yellow variety!). The little spiny bits will just rub off. Don't pick off the small fruits or flowers - they're next in line to grow into big ones

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    Kristen is offline Early Fruiter
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    May 2007


    The plant will automatically regulate how many Cues it can hold - the little ones will turn yellow and drop off. So keep picking, otherwise you will have a plant with 3 or 4 Cues growing super-large, and then when you pick them it will be a couple of weeks before more have grown big enough to be ready.

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