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    Default Squidgy Farm Manure

    I have access to a rather large pile of farmyard manure (cow) which our local farmer has deposited in the yard next to us. It has been there for a couple of months and has not been covered - got a bit of straw on the top. We have had horrendous rain for the last two months, so it is a bit slimy and squidgy underneath. Will it still be ok to use? Smells like it should do! Grateful for any advice. I have been offered some fresher stuff, but its a long way up to the farm buildings, whereas I can just fling this stuff over the wall!

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    Hi Jennie,

    Get flinging then when you've done that, get the other stuff & stack it with a bit of cover over it (old carpet, old tarp or try and scrounge some black plastick that the farmer may use to cover his silage pit if he has one).

    You can't be too greedy when it's free :0

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    Agree....and remember old is good! If he deep litters his cattle you may find he has some 3yrs+ old at the very bottom of the pens. Maybe he could be persuded to' spring clean' for you?! Will almost look like soil and be wonderful. We had a couple of trailer loads a few years back like that and the farmer was pleased to have a good clearout. I think the cows would have been too. Wish we had had the space to store more of it.

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