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    Pigeonpoo is offline Germinator
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    Jun 2010

    Default Something is enjoying my salad leaves!

    Actually, whatever it is, it's enjoying the raddish leaves and the rocket leaves too. Please can anyone enlighten me? The leaves have hundreds of tiny clear holes in them. I have had a search under the leaves but can't find anything. Eugh, are they still OK to eat?

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    Flea beetle. Yea they are fine to eat.

    And since when has a hole been anything but clear
    "Orinoco was a fat lazy Womble"

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    Pigeonpoo is offline Germinator
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    Jun 2010


    Flea beetle...YUK! Is there anything I can spray to get rid of them?

    The hole....well, they do not quite eat all the way through the leaf - just leave a clear sort of area. Well, I can understand myself!!

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