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    Default Salad leaves for cut and come again

    I have been trying to grow salad leaves!! If I sow them outside the lizards eat them.....I have now grown them inside in a room that is mostly glass but has very little full sun - plenty of light though. They have grown very tall and very thin! As you have probably gathered - this is my first attempt. Incidentally we live in the Canaries so it is quite warm!

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    Gloucester, UK


    You can put your location in your profile, save you having to say where you are every time you post... (although I guessed not the UK if you are plagued by lizards rather than slugs!)

    If your room gets mostly indirect light then even though it will seem bright to you compared with "normal" indoors, you're still effectively keeping your plants in shade most of the time and most plants probably won't like it - that may explain why they are getting tall and thin (leggy) as this can often happen if there isn't enough light - you should have seen the lengthy of my spring onions before I moved them into better light....

    Do you have a windowsill somewhere that gets a bit more sun? Or can you plant outside under a lizard-proof cloche or cold frame or something? Or if you know when the lizards are active, can you put them outside to catch a few rays while the lizards are asleep??

    Good luck - and do update us if you manage to outwit the lizards!
    Warning: I have a dangerous tendency to act like I know what I'm talking about.

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    east yorkshire


    by a polycarb cold frame thats where i grow my cut and come, also you could have a raised bed in a part shaded area and cover with netting to stop the lizards getting in.
    joanne geldard

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