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Thread: Oca (NZ Yam) in a shaded bed

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    Default Oca (NZ Yam) in a shaded bed

    Sorry, tried to search, but search form said "oca" too short and discarded from search.

    anyway, I have a bed that is shaded [1] by next door's trees etc. Is Oca likely to grow well there?

    [1] never sure when "shaded" becomes "partially shaded" etc - it gets good sun in the middle of the day (and the afternoon in summer), but not in the morning.

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    Oca does fine in the shade. In fact, it actively doesn't like it too hot or with too much strong sunlight. In last year's summer, the plants I had growing in the sun really suffered, but those in partial shade did well.
    It doesn't like dry soil, though, so if it's too close to the tree that could be a problem.
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