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    Default Cucumbers - PAIN

    I always have problems with cucumbers, I grow them outside as I have no greenhouse, I also grow in pots. Tried marketmore and telegraph - they never did much - I have the same problems with squashes. I want to try burpless wonders this year, can anyone give me advice, I will be growing them up a wigwam in a big pot but I never know when to pinch out or if I should, or what feed, or what soil? Help!!!! It's the only crop I have a problem with, rhubarb I can do in me sleep, cucumbers are slightly more painful.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Andrewo,

    I grew cucumbers for the first time this year, I will need to check what type but it was the only outdoor type B&Q stocked.

    They were a bit leggy as young plants and I had my doubts about them, I planted them out in May when they were about 4" against a fence and used string to train them up.

    I had loads from 3 plants, gave tons away, made soup to freeze and still have a few left!

    They were jaggy to touch and the skins quite thick but no burps

    I will dig the packet out of the shed and let you know.


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    My Burpless something-or-other always do well outside. Just plant three to a station (not Paddington or Kings Cross!) and take out the weakest two if they all germinate.
    After that just let them get on with it!
    Much easier than greenhouse types and I think they taste better too!
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    Hi Andrewo, I grew Burpless Tasty Green for the first time. Started them off inside in May, then in mid June planted them up in old wine crates (2 to a crate) in standard potting compost. Had them along the side of the house and they grew up a trellis.

    Did really well, when I remembered to water enough . I was also feeding once a week with a home made nettle feed.

    Definitely worth any effort as the cuc's tasted fantastic, they became the lunchtime snack with a handful of tomatoes .

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    I have the same problem Andrew, I tried growing 'Marketmore' outdoors in pots this year & only got about 5 cucumbers off the 2 plants & they were not very big. I grew them in multi-purpose compost & fed them with tomato food & seaweed feed when I remembered & tied them to bamboo cane wigwams but they didn't get very tall. Thinking of trying the 'Burpless Tasty Green ' ones this year.
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