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Thread: best time to plant tomatoes

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    Default best time to plant tomatoes

    Hi there everyone!
    just wondering when everybody else sows tomato seeds and with what success? I tried Jan one year and they were very drawn, tried Feb, they grew so far but the bad light and cold didn't do them any good. My father in law sows now, puts them in greenhouse all day then brings them in at night till weather and light is better. His tomatoes are grand! But I just can't be running in and out of house with seedlings, work and kids just don't permit it. So, what do you all do?

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    I sow mine around mid march last year at the window sill and they do fine, no leggy problem and around late april, they went out ( after a week hardening). They fruit around mid summer but killed by blight ( different problem).

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    I sow in March but still do the in and out thing. My greenhouse is not heated so the temperatures can still fall below freezing in April and May. I listen VERY carefully to the weather forecast (in case they say this only once!)
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    I'm with Flum, but perhaps give in and put the seeds in a bit earlier than March - but try not to!

    Our greenhouse is down the garden path, but not too far and we fleece them up too later on.

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    I sow tomatoes in March and keep them on a windowsill until they become impossible to manage. Then, it's in and out of the greenhouse daily according to the temperature. I work, so I have to be very careful with ventilation if day-time temps are variable.

    We keep our greenhouse at a minimum of 5 degrees and I still wouldn't put young tomatoes out anywhere near this temperature. They quickly stop growing and go blue (well, who wouldn't) even at ten degrees.

    I may molly-coddle mine compared to some, but I've not had a death as yet
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    I sow seeds in mid Feb and leave them inside on a cool windowsill. They take a few weeks to emerge and then I pot on keeping the chosen ones inside on the same window sill (we're quite fortunate we have big windows). Only when they get to four inches high do I move them out to the greenhouse and plant in growbags.

    They seem to do great and I've never bothered with moving them back inside for the night if it gets chilly. However, I only grow gardeners delight which is an outdoor type.

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    I tried an experiment last year. I planted some beginning Feb, some end of Feb and the rest in March. By beginning of April they were all at the same stage so this year I will wait til March as it doesn't seem to make much difference in the long run.

    I didn't have any 'matos tho as I failed to continue to look after them. Not like me at all but circumstances .

    PS to myself - must do better.
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    March for me too although I sowed some in April as well last year and they we no later than the ones in March but it probably depends on the variety.

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