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    deltz is offline Sprouter
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    Default Anyone grown san marzano tomatoes before?

    I have just transplanted these, they are about 5-6 inches tall.
    Should I be snipping out the side shoots, and Im still unsure after a google search wherever these will be a very tall plant or a smaller one.

    These seem to be growing pretty slowish, I didnt plant these too late have I?

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    Nordmead's Avatar
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    May 2010


    i think san marzano are an indeterminate so you take out the side shoots

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    Nov 2009


    Yeah, I'm growing San Marzano and I've found them to be a bit slow, although the stems do appear very thick. I was wondering if they were a bush type, but everyone says they're not, so I've been pinching out the side shoots and growing them as a cordon.

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    ginger ninger is offline Early Fruiter
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    Jun 2009


    Yes, you do take the side shoot's out, I grew these last year they can be a little slow to start with, 5" to 6" is small but they should make up for it. The tomatoes have a dimple in the end which I thought looked rather cute, but that's just me they're great for making sauces with there full of flavour.

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    Watch your watering, I had big problems with BER last year on mine.
    "Orinoco was a fat lazy Womble"

    Please ignore everything I say, I make it up as I go along, not only do I generally not believe what I write, I never remember it either.

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    mrscorpio is offline Sprouter
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    Mar 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by womble View Post
    Watch your watering, I had big problems with BER last year on mine.
    Im growing these this year for the first time. My plants are now 4 foot tall.
    Im now concerned about BER.

    What is BER

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    Feb 2010


    Wow - 4ft, lucky you. Mine are somewhere just over about 12inches or so (and first flowers showing). I put great big poles in next to them as I understood they got very tall.....but it looks a bit over the top at the moment with these little fellas at the bottom! Grew something similar last year (donated by an Italian neighbour) and I agree with Ginger Ninger - they make great sauces!

    BER - I'm guessing is blossom end rot.

    Right now, I've just sprayed mine to try and avoid the blight that has taken hold of my 2nd early spuds...

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    pinns is offline Seedling
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    May 2010


    I'm trying these too, I have sown them twice now, none of the first ones came up, I'm a newbie and probably started a little early. Now I have a grand total of one plant from sowing eight or ten seeds :-( Maybe I should invest in a heated propagator next year?

    Since it was well behind, I gave the best spots in the greenhouse to other tom varieties, but it is finally catching up now and is around 3 or 4 feet. I have been pinching out the axils and now at last I have signs of two sets/trusses of flowers forming.

    Fingers crossed we both get a great crop, Deltz!!
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