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    Default Thinking about buying a proper greenhouse

    Hi Folks

    I recently brought a walk in greenhouse from AsdaAttachment 30307, cheap and cheerful, however had strong winds yesterday and had to bring all my tomatoes inside and take cover off the greenhouse for fear it would blow away!!!! Kitchen is currently doubling as a greenhouse

    Am thinking about investing in a proper greenhouse, however havent got loads of space or money!!

    Have been having a look around and spotted this one; Nison Aquila Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Metal Greenhouses - Garden Buildings Direct

    Looks okay to me, but hey what do i know?!!!

    Was hoping for some advice or a point in the right direction, its for a small back garden which is fenced on 3 sides (house on the fourth side) so it is sheltered to an extent but does get some wind.

    Appreciate any help and advice you can give - alternatively if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the Asda one more stable......

    Thanks in advance
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    Well I'd go for a glass one over polycarbonate. What's your budget?

    You could buy a nice 6x6' one for £319 from here:

    Simplicity Classic Plain aluminium 6ft3 x 6ft3 - The Greenhouse People

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    I managed to get one from a mate who wanted rid of his...have you tried freecycle/local ads etc?
    Good luck
    I think this might be my greenhouse ( very amateur) and other trivia blog page!!! Do feel free to drop in !

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    i bought my greenhouse of a sale board in my local wilkinsons last year it was all glass and it is a 6x6 and it cost me £70

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    I got mine from these people, really pleased with it. Consider polycarb if you have kids or pets.

    Greenhouses 6ft wide - Summer UK Greenhouses
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