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Thread: My green house

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    babyjohnny is offline Seedling
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    Jul 2009

    Default My green house

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    Hey folks i thought i'd post some pics of my green house (8x6 high eave) at the mo,
    there's a few idea's i've put into practice which worked for the last 2 summers with great results and I hope to inspire (and get more ideas from other people)

    first things was the bamboo canes making a frame inside which allows me to grow tomatos/cucumbers &melons up above me so i get more growing space (if that makes sense) it also makes easy picking cause the fruit just dangles down

    secondly is that i've plumbed into the bottom of my water butt and ran a hose under the base so I could have a tap inside, which makes watering sooo much easier!!!

    also the staging (which everyone knows) is just old poles & connectors from old blow away frames and i can add more levels if needed


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    Terry1968 is offline Seedling
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    Apr 2012


    Top stuff

    clever idea with the water supply also. i bet it makes life a lot easier than keep bringing water in?

    i got to get myself a decant greenhouse 6x4 is the more likely. at the moment i have the blowaway version but i am new to it all
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    ann-the-nan is offline Rooter
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    Default My green house.

    Well done on what you have achieved so far. All I've got in mine is a watering can with about 1" of water in, two leggy tomatoes, and a big bee. I'm quite jealous.
    There's pleasure sure in being mad that only madmen know - Anon

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