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    Default harvestng garlic

    Hi I planted my garlic on 30th March and the leaves are now about a foot high. I have no idea when they might be ready.
    I normally buy the lazy garlic in jars (I know I know but it's so convenient) So don't really know what to expect from one out of the garden.

    I have run out of garlic and am loathe to buy some while there is some growing as it takes me ages to use it up.

    Could I dig one up and have a look? And put it back if not?How can you tell they are ready? I don't mind a milder flavour and not bothered about it storing too long. Would it be better to have look at the ones in the beds or in the pot? Had to use both as ran out of bed space.

    Thanks janeyo

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    they wont be ready yet ...i planted mine last year (November/December) and wont consider them ready for ages yet ...the leaves need to yellow....i'll probably pick some in July.

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    RustyLady just dug up a small bulb - it was fine.
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    I started mine late last year - I dug a couple up today (one from pot & one from bed) to peek and they were like a spring onion in appearance and size- hadnt split and were tiny, even though the green top was quite large. As there are alot of deep thread like roots you can't really replant I woudn't have thought.
    I think most are ready June / July. The more north you are the later too.
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    Hi JaneyO
    Your garlic will let you know when it is ready. The leaves will begin to turn yellow and die back. There is every chance that you could dig up and use whatever is there just now but I doubt that your bulbs will have started to divide so instead of cloves, all you'll get is one small pickling onion type bulb.
    You need to loearn the art of patience (as do most of us on here!), as I think you'll probably have to wait until at least July before the bulbs will be ready for lifting.

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    Hello JaneYo, the other Grapes are right. Plant about Oct/Nov and harvest June/July. BUT if you have run out and just want something garlic flavoured, then lift a bit of what you have and use it- bulbs, leaves and all. It's all edible and garlic flavoured. You'll never go back to that stuff you were buying in jars or tubes.

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

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    If you dont use much of the stuff then Alice has the perfect solution for you.....enjoy!
    Tammy x x x x
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