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    Default Preserving Beetroot

    Has anyone any storage advice for beetroot in jars which does not rely on vinegar, cinnamon, cumin, peppercorns, cloves etc etc?

    Thank you

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    don't know any other way but you can store them like this:

    Preserving in sand - You will need a suitable sized container (we use a plant trough), sand (we use sand from our child’s play pit (which we top up with more sand or our son wouldn’t be happy), a watering can and your freshly picked beetroot.

    a) First cut the tops of the beetroot (leaves and stems) and put to one side (don’t bin then as they can be used as a substitute for spinach). You should leave about 1 inch of stem at the top. Then do the same with the main root at the bottom ensuring you leave part of the root. You should avoid cutting close to the main body of beetroot as it will bleed and begin to loose it’s flavor quickly.

    b) Half fill a trough with the sand and moisten with a watering can.

    c) Place each beetroot into the sand ensuring space between each one.

    d) Add more sand on top to cover the beetroot

    e) Moisten the sand with water again

    f) Store in a cool airy place.
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    You can store uncooked beetroot (with the leaves trimmed ready for cooking) in the same sort of 'clamp' that was the old way of storing potatoes. Most root veg will store like this if clean (but NOT WASHED), undamaged and dry.

    Seymour describes it pretty well, but this is my best memory of his description (long time since I read it, and as long since I tried it).

    Make a platform of earth a bit higher than the surroundings (avoid clay if possible). It is vital that it cannot get flooded.
    Cover with a thick layer of straw (about 6 inches, but not to the edges). Pile your root veg on the straw. Cover with MORE straw, cover with earth (clay is fine for this bit) leaving some tiny ventilation holes (the occasional 'straw' poking thrugh the earth, but not too many).
    Potatoes will keep like that until the weather gets warm enough to risk them 'sprouting'. Not sure how well other veg keep. There is always a slight risk that if one 'spoils' it can contaminat the rest, so whenever you want to use some, check for any getting 'dodgy', discard those and use up the nearest 'sound' ones quickly.
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    Default Preserving Beetroot


    I am having the same trouble, trying to find receipes to Jar beetroot, which doesnt involve pickling, i know it can be done, as have eaten canned cooked beetroot in australia that wasnt pickled and is much nicer i think. Did read about a recipe in a book called Keeping the Harvest, but as yet havent got a copy of it.

    Hope this helps

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    Beetroot freezes perfectly well.
    I just clean it, leave about 2" of top on and some of the root and boil it for 20 minutes.
    When cold remove tops, roots and skins and lay out on a tray.
    Put the tray in the freezer until beets are frozen then tip into a freezer bag and clip closed.
    Just take out the number you want to use and prepare as you like them.
    I like them roasted.

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

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    The only way to preserve beetroot in a jar without vinegar or other acid is to process it under pressure. Otherwise you will have botulism growing in the jar which is an invisible (no smell, can't see it) killer. Not worth the risk!

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