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Thread: Sloe Gin

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    lindy is offline Germinator
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    Feb 2006

    Default Sloe Gin


    I'm new to all this , can anyone give me the recipe for sloe gin.

    Also when is the time that you pick the sloes

    Thanks for any help thats given, Lindy

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    Oct 2005
    Fife, Scotland, UK


    I would also like to know - where is the best place to find them and what exactly do they look like so I don't get them mixed with something poisonous

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    Apr 2006


    I can give you a recipe,
    You need equal amounts of sloes, sugar and gin (by volume). The traditional way is to prick each sloe with a needle but I slit them with a knife. Mix everything together and place in a large jar, stir every day or so for two months. (or longer it won't hurt) then strain and bottle. keep at least six months before using.

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    pigletwillie's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Leicester- the epicenter of world rugby


    If you cant find Sloes try using damsons like I do but add a bit less sugar. My first batch is now 2 years old and is like nectar.

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    dexterdoglancashire's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Default another sloe gin recipe

    Hello everyone - here's a recipe Ive found, although havent tried it personally:
    (taken from Favourite country wines and cordials by Carol Wilson)
    Sloe Gin

    Granulated sugar

    Sloes are best picked after they have been frosted to get the juice flowing. Once picked, put in the freezer overnight for the same effect.
    Prick each sloe with a darning needle. Half fill sterilsed bottles with the fruit. Add 30z suger to each 1lb sloes. Cover with gin, seal firmly and shake well to dissolve the sugar. Keep in a warm place and shake each day for several weeks. After 3months strain the liqueur through coffee filter papers into clean, sterilised bottles, seal well and leave to mature. More sugar can be added later if the liqueur is too sour. Improves with keeping.

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    lindy is offline Germinator
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    Feb 2006


    Thanks for the recipies, can't wait to have a go at my sloe gin.
    Still not sure when to pick the sloes, anyone got any idea please.

    Can't wait for christmas this year, hoping to have all these home brews ready!!!!

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    Peter's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    Near Stansted airport

    Default Long time yet.

    The correct time to pick sloes is after, repeat that is AFTER the first frost.

    Getting fed up with finding them all gone, or seeing folk picking them during the summe r. Would you pick your plums or apples now?
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    Jun 2006


    I knew someone who couldn't be fagged doing the pricking every sloe so they just used to bung them in freezer and the skins split as they expanded on freezing and they didn't need to prick them.
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