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    Default Pot sizes for marigolds and nasturtiums

    Hi all,

    I've got some nasturtiums, marigolds and sunflowers that are ready to plant out.

    I will be planting some in the ground, which I guess is best, but if I want to put them in pots for the duration of the summer, what size pots do I need? Are morrisons buckets too big or okay.

    Being in pots will allow me to move them around to be near crops that they are beneficial to.


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    I usualy use morrisons flowerbuckets for everything, but marigolds will be fine in much smaller pots, sunflowers could do with being in at least a flower bucket to stop them falling over...but last few years i have had sunflowers over 6 foot in the pots that roses were delivered in, about 4 or 5 inches across and 7 inch deep they were healthy enough but do fall over if not wedged by something to stay upright

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    Sunflowers definitely need a flower bucket. Those puppies can get tall, too! Marigolds are fine in a smaller pot. My mum grows them once in a while and hers seem to last just fine.

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