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    Default Passionflower seed pods

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know if i can save & grow Passionflower from seed heads & is it easy to do. I am a complete novice regarding this.

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    Scoop the seeds out of the fruit and spread on kitchen roll, leave to dry then stick in a labled packet in fridge till you're ready to use. Now there is another thread on here from some time back as to what to do with the seeds when you're ready to sow, will see if I can find it.....
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    I have had a passion flower going strong now for a number of year and also decided to try drying my own seeds for use.
    I waited until the fruit was quite big before taking it off the plant (usually I take them off as I see them come) and let it dry on a rack in the shed over winter and into March of this year (By accident as I'd forgotten about it ) Recently I opened it up to find the seeds well developed, so scooped them all out, laid them out to dry and now have them in a paper envelope in my seed box for next years sowing.

    Being a novice too, it will be interesting to see the results ... good luck with yours!

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