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    Default Tasteless blackcurrants

    I love blackcurrants, cooked or uncooked. Love their sharp tartness though I've actually had some very sweet ones. But the bushes I planted a couple of years ago have produced very bland tasting blackcurrants. I have very much left them to their own devices since planting but is there anything I could do to produce tastier fruit (apply dung)? Read somewhere that you shouldn't water tomatoes or strawberries before picking as this makes them less tasty-anyone heard that before?


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    What variety are they?

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    As with all fruits: certain varieties have more (and different) taste than others.
    The local climate - amount of sunshine, rainfall and length of growing season - makes a big difference to flavour.

    Regarding excess water affecting taste - yes, it's true.

    My local climate gives long, hot, sunny and dry growing seasons. This tends to produce smaller fruits, but the flavour is more intense because they have less water in the fruits and the fruit has been able to ripen fully. The climate where I live is mild enough to grow a number of fruit varieties which can't fully ripen elsewhere in the UK, but varieties suited to cooler/duller regions often don't particularly like it.

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