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    Default stellar cherries

    I have a large stellar cherry it never fruits well , it is netted, it was full of cherries and all fell off in the june drop again ,there are pollinators, I have tried manure and feeding and it is netted after the blossom drops , any idea what is going wrong or is there a better more reliable fruiter

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    don't keep feeding it, that doesn't help, a plant will flower and fruit to continue its line, keep feeding it and it gets lazy , it thinks that with so much food there is no need to produce the cherries, mine was bought from b & q and it was 4/5 years before it produced any fruit at all as the ground was very rich, I lifted it and put it in fairly average soil and it got some bonemeal, and now it fruits, a handful of BFB in feb/march over the roots, and that's it, I counted 53 cherries on it last week but with the nearly constant rain I haven't been out there yet to net each limb, as the blackbirds love to pinch them, we just need a dry day but I am not holding my breath, same as last year and the year before where as soon as they announce summer the temp drops thru the floor, 8deg the other day, in "high" summer, what a joke.....

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