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    Default Should I feed my grapevines?

    My vines are currently all in pots - I repotted them using Johh Innes No.2 compost, and they seem to be growing really well so far. I was wondering if I should be feeding them at all with fertiliser during their growth period? I did buy some tomato plant food which I was planning to use when/if any grapes start growing - what have other people done who are growing grapevines?

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    I can tell what NOT to do - apparently grape vines DO NOT like a top dressing of manure, it encourages the roots to head up to the surface....

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    Serious grape growers here use poor stony soil and never manure, if they have grass between the vines they cut it and just leave it on the ground, nothing else.

    As I keep saying on here, grapes in the right environment are very hardy, will survive outside to -12 (which is why this is one of the world's major wine areas, cos that's how cold it gets in winter) and many vignobles are actually very stony.

    I NEVER feed my grapes, they don't need it, just water them.
    TonyF, Dordogne 24220

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    I have bene wondering the same thing, my grapevine is in a pot at the moment and all i am doing is watering it, wasnt sure whether to feed or not. But if they are happy with just water then thats great

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