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    Default plum tree disease

    we have had a Victoria plum tree for 7 years, after a couple of years it has always been loaded with plums but the last 2 years alot of the fruit has gone mouldy as soon as it ripens. The plums go brown and rot but it doesn't have the concentric circles of rot that I have read Brown rot looks like on apple and plum trees.
    Any ideas please?

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    I would guess Silverleaf - Has it been pruned out of season? the time to prune plum trees is late June or July. If they are pruned in Autumn or winter the exposed areas are very prone to Silverleaf disease. I have included link below -
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    Silver leaf affects the leaves and branches, causing the tree to die back, not the fruit itself. It sounds very much like brown rot Brown Rot of Stone Fruit - Tree Fruit & Berry Pathology I have the same problem.

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    Heavy rainfall can cause fruits to swell too quickly and split - which then allows rots to enter. Watering during dry spells will keep the fruit growing at a steady rate throughout the season.

    Also pest damage (maggots, wasps etc) can cause small damaged areas on the skin which allow rots to enter.
    If pests are a problem, you may want to pick the fruit slightly under-ripe (before the pests attack it) and then ripen in a sunny window.

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