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Thread: Growing an Abundance of Food

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    Default Growing an Abundance of Food

    Looking to start growing fruit and vegetables at my home. Space is not an issue.

    How am I best to start, I'm looking to grow pretty much everything and already have some apple trees on my property. Any suggestions?

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    How long is a piece of string?
    Find or create an empty bit of ground (or a pot), sow some seeds of something you'd like to eat and you've started!

    Seriously, you need to give us some clues - like how much space do you have and where do you live. Do you have a greenhouse, do you want to grow fruit trees/bushes and/or veg.
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    Get a pen & paper out, draw a rough plan of your garden & where you intend to put the beds taking the suns position into account. Then write down a list of things you wish to grow, usually what you like to eat. Most crops have different growing needs so come back when you have decided what to grow for more specific answers.
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    I'd plan out the layout of larger long lived plants such as fruit tree and bushes first and then plan the annuals around that. After that I'd prioritize what you use the most of and what costs the most to buy or the biggest difference in flavour.

    Record the flowering time of your apples, it's useful if you decided to plant more apples.

    What soil do you have?

    After that research, research and planning.
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    You've had some good info hydroxy all I'll add is to grow what you like to eat for now then add to your seed list later on.
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    You may end up surprised by the amount of food you can grow as we went through the coffin (6x3x3 freezer) the other day and we had to sort out stuff we would not be able to get through before its "sensible" use by date, and by the time we finished we took 27 large ice cream tubs down to the council site to be composted/recycled, all so there is some room for this years crops, or we would have had to take up constant eating to make any impression on the amount. I will have to reduce the rhubarb crowns for a start as I suppose 13 crowns is a bit much for two soon to be pensioners. We are still getting through raspberries with sorbets, mousses, smoothies, etc, but I have no intention of reducing the rasps crop, that I will not do..

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