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    Default conference pears

    how do you know when they are ready?

    Mine are quite large and look edible.

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    Could be the same as apples - take pear gently in your hand, give a half-turn to the fruit and if it comes away from the tree it is ready.
    Happy Gardening,

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    There are several ways to tell that a crop of tree fruit is almost (but not quite) ripe......

    Fruit fairly easily falls from the tree when twisted in the hand.
    The first ripe fruits are dropping onto the ground.
    Wasps are beginning to damage some of the fruits.
    You may see British grown fruits of your variety in the shops.

    It's surprising how you think that fruit is ripe, yet that's only because we are sold unripe fruit in shops. My fruits tend to ripen for about a week or two after they look like the shop-bought version of the same type.

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