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Thread: Apricots in The Midlands

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    Default Apricots in The Midlands

    Has anyone had any success with apricots in the Midlands or further North ?
    I fancy trying but at 500 ft up with an exposed plot in the midlands am wondering if I'd have any success?
    Other thought is to keep one in a tub and pop it in the Greenhouse during worst of winter, but obviuosly more labour intensive and tree would have to be kept small.
    Any shared experiences gratefully recieved.

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    Hope this helps Mugsy.

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    I've got a couple Mugsy. The main problem appears to be with pollination. Apricots (and peaches) tend to flower horrifically early. Then there is a frost and the flowers are useless because the frost gets them. So you have to work at it. Firstly you have to fleece the top of the tree very early on. Then, because the insects can't get through the fleece to do their pollination bit you have to buy a paint-brush and help them along. No. Not a wallpaper size brush. A very small artists' paintbrush. On clear calm days you have to go under the fleece and do the dirty deed yourself by gently pushing the brush into every flower. Gently.

    I'm just an ordinary type gardener who loves a challenge and I'm sure someone like FB who knows all about the dirty bits of pollination could give you a better explanation. Oh, and the tub in the is a good idea. But make it a broody big tub if you want fruit.
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    I planted Apricot Lillicot last Spring in Glasgow and it has grown very well during the Summer. It is supposed to flower later than most apricots, but I will be able (hopefully) to tell you in a few months! In any event, I am ready to protect it and hand pollinate it as necessary. It held onto its leaves till the end of November, which was a bit surprising.

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