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Thread: Apple Trees from seed

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    Question Apple Trees from seed

    I bought some apple trees for my first allotment and have saved the pips or seeds from them and I'm thinking of sowing some and trying to grow new trees from them for my second allotment.

    My plan is to train them along wires and form a short fence between me and my neighbour. Although they won't have dwarf root stock they will be grown in 30 litre buckets in the ground to restrict the tap root growth in a similar way that the Victorian Kitchen Garden used slabs under the trees to do the same.

    I'm guessing that I need to sow around Feb/ March in the unheated greenhouse to be successful

    Do you think this is a bonkers idea, and I should just buy the trees like I did before?
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    No it is not a bonkers idea. Just to let you know as it is from seed it is not likely to come true to the tree you took the apple off and there is no way of knowing when it will fruit. Buffs dwarfs trees by cutting the tap root with success I will see if I can find the details for you in a bit.

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    I think it's an excellent idea. Just bear in mind you'll probably have to wait at least six years or more before you see any fruit. I have a citron that is now three feet tall that I planted from seed just a month over three years ago. I don't expect any flowers or fruit on it for at least another two years.

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    Default Seed.

    I'm trying to germinate some seeds for the first time, they are currently in the fridge on damp tissue paper.

    I found some instructions on-line.
    They say leave for about 2-3 weeks then check for signs of germination.
    I'm not expecting much, just a bit of fun.

    If you actually want Apple trees and have a space ready then I'd look at purchasing some trees, otherwise as others have said, you could be waiting a very long time for your first fruit which might not be up to much.

    Also there is a user on this forum called FB. Who has exempleraly knowledge all things Apple.
    They may see the title of this thread and be along with wisdom at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadalot View Post
    Do you think this is a bonkers idea, and I should just buy the trees like I did before?
    Yes and Yes................
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    My brother and sister in law did this year's ago and get tonnes of fruit off the trees. This picture is their harvest from a few years ago.

    Attachment 69985

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    As an alternative, take cuttings from your trees and root them in buckets. Will gave you a head start and the apples will be the same as the parent tree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadalot View Post
    Do you think this is a bonkers idea ..
    Yes - but it didn't stop me doing just that at the beginning of this year.

    It depends on what you're trying to achieve, if you're doing it to get more tree's there are much quicker ways that will give you a more reliable crop. If you want to grow a tree from seed for poops and giggles - why on earth not.

    I didn't mess about with the pips - I just dumped them into a 20cell 1/2 tray full of multi-purp and had around 90% germination. The runts of the litter died quickly, some I potted on into a large pot to grow on for a year.

    If you have 5 minutes there's a good tube channel called " skillcult " it's worth watching some of his red fleshed apple rearing videos.

    If you're just after tree's and fruit, get some root stocks and some scion wood it's much quicker.

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