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    Question Almond from seed?

    When I was weeding near our almond tree today, I found an almond that had germinated and so I put it in a pot in the hope that it will grow.

    I love our little almond tree, it's flowering away already and it's planted near the kitchen window so it cheers me up every spring. I'd be tickled pink to think I could grow another one from seed.

    Has anyone grown an almond from seed before? Am I kidding myself that it will survive? How long will it take to flower and do they get enormous if they're not on special root stock?

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    Oh, home-grown marzipan, lovely I didn't know, so I had a mooch around the googlenet:
    "The almond tree (Prunus amygdalus) is much cultivated in the eastern Mediterranean countries and in the Middle East. It will also grow in Spain, Italy, California and Australia. It is related to and resembles the peach and can grow up to 9m (30') high. Prunus dulcis (Common Almond) can be grown in southern Britain but as almond trees tend to flower very early in the year and are susceptible to frost damage, some form of protection will probably be necessary if you want your tree to bear nuts.
    Most almonds are self sterile and need to be cross-pollinated, so encourage bees to come into your garden (e.g. by companion planting) to ensure good pollination. Almonds need deep soil, a warm climate and adequate rainfall (16-40"/yr) and like peaches, they grow well against south-facing walls" NUTS

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    Ours (ie J's and mine) isn't against a south-facing wall but it is very sheltered and seems to be 'nutting' very well. If we'd known they could reach nine metres I suspect we would have planted it further from the kitchen window.....

    Do any grapes know of a fully-grown almond tree in this country?
    Resistance is fertile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Wagland View Post
    Ours (ie J's and mine) isn't against a south-facing wall but it is very sheltered and seems to be 'nutting' very well. If we'd known they could reach nine metres I suspect we would have planted it further from the kitchen window.....

    Do any grapes know of a fully-grown almond tree in this country?
    Hi just joined this site because I was looking into growing Almonds ( amongst other things ). My Kids school here in Derby have an almond tree in the grounds which is about 15ft ( 3M ) high and producing enough Nuts to be a pain for the head, apparently the kids will insist on throwing them. It seems a sheltered spot is required but this tree is doing well.

    Found some interesting "how to's" on

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    We have about 50 almond trees on a bit of land in Spain. They are all grafted. I also have potted up a small almond tree that had grown by itself but my Spanish neighbour tells me I am wasting my time. I live in hope of proving him wrong. My aunt had a very nice fruiting peach tree she grew from a stone.

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    Default UK Almonds

    I grow almonds every year but would prefer to have uk almond seed from trees established in this country- any offers? Grahame

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    I have over 100 almond trees in Spain. Some trees have self seeded on some steep ground and the almonds are smaller than normal and some of them are bitter. There is an almond tree nursery on my land from the previous owner. It looks like they pushed in lots of cuttings. It now forms a thicket.
    Almonds don't mind very cold temperatures in the winter but if they get a severe frost when flowering they bear no nuts. There are a lot of almond trees near the sea that are actually in flower now (28th December) It is very beautiful. My almonds at 1300m above sea level flower in March.

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    My grandmother had a massive almond tree that always got peach leaf curl and which she thought was a peach that never ripened. Every year those unripened peaches used to get gathered up and thrown away as a failed crop. I used it for climbing up as high as I could. It is still there in the garden, but there are new occupants. Makes me sad now when I pass by
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