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Thread: Blood, fish and bone

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    blackcatlois is offline Seedling
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    Mar 2007

    Default Blood, fish and bone

    Could anyone tell me please, what you would use blood, fish and bone for? For example, which plants would benefit most from it, brassicas, legumes or roots... and would you rake it in a couple of weeks before sowing/planting, or when about to fruit or, for example, when a cauli is forming its head? Is it a source of nitrogen? It might seem daft but I've already bought some, knowing that it might be of use, but there are no instructions on the packet. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

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    Blood, fish and bone is an old general purpose fertiliser. It's not particularly high in nitrogen so is not really beneficial to fast growing leafy crops. I believe it was mainly used as a top dressing either around established plants such as fruit bushes or on new beds a few weeks before planting. Growmore is an alternative. I'm surprised there are no instructions on the pack, Nowadays there is so much writing, instructions and warnings it's a job to work out what the stuff is.

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    shirlthegirl43's Avatar
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    I have also noticed a lack of instructions on both growmore and blood, fish and bone. Plenty about treating the soil 2 weeks before planting, but nothing about using it as a feed on plants which are actively growing. I just put a small amount close to plant and scratch it in to the soil and water well, I hope that is right but haven't killed anything yet!
    Happy Gardening,

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    PAULW is offline Cropper
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    Oct 2006
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    I like to dress my onion and leek beds with it before planting it is a long lasting slow release fertiliser.

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    Hello Blackcatlois. Blood , fish and bone is a general purpose fertiliser. Like the others, you can rake it into the soil before planting, or dust it around plants part way through the season for a boost.
    It is favoured by organic growers who don't want to use fertilisers which are chemically based such as growmore. Hope that helps.
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    It was as near as they could get to a balanced fertiliser ie equal portions of the three main nutrients (N) Nitrogen for leaf growth (P) Phosphate for root growth and (K) Potassium for fruit and flowers. It is still used because it is organic, slow acting and works!
    Growmore was a cheap inorganic balanced fertiliser brought out during WW2 for the 'Dig for Victory' campaign.
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    Oct 2005
    Fife, Scotland, UK


    but what plants benefit from blood fish and bone fertiliser???

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    moggssue's Avatar
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    May 2007


    I've been using blood fish and bone when planting flowers, shrubs and the like for years now. I sprinkle a little around when preparing the bed, and into the hole when planting something new. I'm new to veg growing, but sprinkled around the new bed as I would have for flowering plants and it certainly hasn't done any harm! I read lots of warnings a few years ago re 'mad cow disease' but I've never suffered any harm and my plants all love it so I shall carry on using it regardless, it's great stuff and organic!

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