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Thread: First signs of life on the allotment

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    Default First signs of life on the allotment

    Hi all

    While I was at my plot last night making sure everything was in place for today's rotivation and raised bed building I just happened to look at the first bed that me and my son dug over nearly three weeks ago, just after I got the allotment.

    We double dug a 4'x4' bed, and I was so determined to get something in the ground that I came down in the middle of a rainstorm and stuck a load of potatoes in the ground in three well spaced rows at the bottom of trenches with nice ridges between ready for earthing up, if any should grow.

    I wasn't expecting much as I was planting sprouting tubers from a bag of ASDA potatoes - all I wanted was something to help break up the soil and provide a bit of foliage cover to weaken the weeds.

    The next morning when I checked the bed it had been thoroughly trashed by the family of foxes we have on site - the ridges had been flattened and several holes dug into the bed itself.

    I tried to repaid the damage but mentally wrote this bed off and carried on preparing the remainder of the plot.

    Whilst piling bags of compost last night I noticed something coming through in that bed that didn't look like the other weeds and I was down on my hands and knees in a flash, carefully brushing away the loose dried soil from around it.

    It was one of my potatoes that was showing, and now that I was down close to the bed I could see one or two more.

    The tops are only a centimetre above ground level at the moment, but overall I found that thirteen of the fifteen I planted have made an appearance.

    I was so happy that I went and found my plot neighbour who was minding his own business watering his beans and dragged him across to show him my first ever plants on my plot.

    Thankfully he was very understanding towards the lunatic who was pointing out some barely showing shoots, especially when his own plot is filled with stuff doing really well.

    I know that they are only potatoes, I know that I shouldn't get so excited over such a small deal, but they are my first and so will always be special

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    It's a lovely feeling, isn't it Andy.

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    Congrats Andy

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    Its always a thrill - but the first time is always the best (or so they say )
    I hope you never lose that excitement
    Life's more exciting with seeds

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    We had the same experience when pulling our first carrot, picking the first solitary runnber bean and finding mange tout ready to pick. Our neighbours on the allotment are getting used to it.... Wonderful feeling isn't it?
    A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows

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    bless you.
    If you'd found me and dragged me over, I would have waved my arms, jumped up and down and shouted lots
    in a good way I mean....
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    Yay! Nothing wrong with being excited! I was quite thrilled for a plotholder earlier when he showed me the tassels on his sweetcorn! Ooer!

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    If you hadn't been excited at that sight, Samurai, you would have been no kind of a gardener, and you would not have lasted at the plot.
    I have seen me being genuinely, honest-to-God, flutters-in-the stomach, excited just by digging soil that poured off the spade like crumbs of black chocolate cake so you are not alone !
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    There's no point reading history if you don't use the lessons it teaches.

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