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The best foundations for a summerhouse

28th July 2017

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Summer houses are the perfect haven for those holiday evenings. Ideal for relaxing, as well as a potential playhouse for the kids – they are a great addition to any garden.

When it comes to putting foundations down for your summer house, there are a few things to consider. Location is key, so make sure the shade, terrain and positioning are all correct before beginning. It is important that the ground is level and stable, because if the surface is uneven, this can lead to problems both with the initial construction and the resulting building. You could have issues with bowing and warped timbers, as well as damp and leaks in the final structure.

When you are considering which foundation material to use, there are a number of options. There are three main types of foundation: concrete, paving slabs or decking.

1) Concrete can be used for bigger summer houses, as it is a permanent and strong. It is sturdy and sure to last, but however if your summer house is on the small side you may be better using decking or slabs, as it is quite expensive and not eco-friendly. But, it is low
maintenance and discreet, ideal for large log cabins in big gardens.

2) Paving slabs are another option. They are not recommended for large summer houses, but are best used in small garden spaces. It is an easier and less expensive method than concrete, and can be very aesthetic. They are also low maintenance.

3) Decking is the most eco-friendly option, and like paving slabs, can look extremely pretty. It is also better for draining out water than the other two. They can be raised from the ground, giving the cabin great views of the surrounding area. Like concrete however, if you are building a large cabin it is likely to be quite expensive.

Once the foundations are laid, construction can begin. There are lots of different types of summer houses in different shapes and sizes – check out GBC for their beautiful range including log cabins, summer houses, greenhouses and sheds.


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