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Soil improvement and growing with PlantGrow

23rd April 2021

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Having healthy soil is essential for any grower. There are multiple ways to regenerate your soil, to bolster its nutritional profile and to grow amazing crops. We heard from the experts at PlantGrow - specialists in soil care and plant growth - as they explain some of the science behind out soil.

Here’s what they had to say…

The team at PlantGrow produce their award-winning products using a unique natural process called Anaerobic Digestion, which results in the perfect organic additive for revitalising soil and boosting its richness and nutritional value for healthy plant growth.

Applied either as a surface mulch or by soil incorporation, PlantGrow’s products go way beyond just being generic fertilisers or composts, since they are packed with the beneficial microbials that are natures essential ingredients for sustaining a healthy nutrient-rich soil.

Healthy soil is generated by a continual process of organic recycling that goes on within it, where dead plant and animal matter is broken down and recycled by the beneficial
microbials, which comprise of many different soil-dwelling bacteria and fungi that are
collectively known as the soil microbiome.

The microbiome’s activity within the soil is more commonly referred to as a ‘composting’ process where the micro and macro nutrients are released into the soil and made readily available for plant roots to absorb and so enable healthy vigorous top growth.

However, it’s often the case that where plants have been extensively grown for many years and where chemical fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, have been regularly used, that the soil microbiome becomes weak or destroyed, and the soil may become sterile. Even when fresh organic matter or compost is applied to these sterile soils, the diverse communities of bacteria and fungi may no longer be available to breakdown the material and release the nutrients for the plants.

The microbials within PlantGrow’s products effectively revitalise these poor-quality soils as well as optimise the performance of good quality soils by using probably the most efficient and natural process on the planet. The process that nature evolved over 500 million years to ensure that plants grew as healthily as possible.

The beneficial effects of PlantGrow’s products on the soil and plant growth are simply
remarkable and continue to astound our customers.It’s only been possible through PlantGrow’s understanding and implementation of the processes that underpin nature’s own organic recycling system and the essential role of the Soil Microbiome

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