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Small Storage Ideas For Allotments

04th November 2017

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When transporting unwieldy tools and heavy equipment to and from your allotment it can become increasingly arduous, so many people keep them on site. But how do you ensure that they stay in good condition, in working order and away from the attention of thieves?

Many plot holders don’t take the trouble to put away equipment, and instead just leave forks and spades out in the open. This makes them vulnerable to deterioration and it also invites miscreants to make off with them. However, it’s not only thieves that you have to worry about, as it’s very easy for fellow plot holders to borrow items but then forget to return them. 

If you have ever suffered from disappearing tools, it is an inconvenience that will cost you both time and money. Allotment theft may sometimes be seen as petty by the police, yet it takes on a different guise if you are the victim. If you have suffered from this, a sturdy shed or storage box is worth considering to keep your equipment out of view and protected from the elements.

The storage facility should be compact to suit an allotment yet have enough capacity for a wide selection of hand tools and other essential equipment that you regularly use. There is certainly plenty of choice, from small traditionally-styled apex or pent-roofed sheds to tall ‘sentry’ types for long-handled tools, as well as various chests with both top and front access, which will accommodate smaller equipment and other essential items. Modern technology now ensures that these sheds and stores are waterproof and very low maintenance – everything inside will be protected and secured. 

With modern dip and pressure treatment, timber sheds now carry a lengthy anti-rot guarantee, while metal stores are galvanised and vinyl coated to prevent rust. The latter are also fire-proof so you don’t have to worry about that particular type of vandalism. While specifications vary, plastic chests and sheds are now surprisingly sturdy and UV-resistant. Furthermore, many storage units are ventilated to encourage air circulation and you’ll find that others have hydraulic-assisted opening.

The choice of storage unit for your allotment might be more comprehensive than you first originally thought, from the basic and very affordable up to the larger and more sophisticated products that are still value for money. Whatever the material, none should require paint or preservatives – they are a long-term investment that need little or no attention.

These sheds and tool stores cannot 100 per cent guarantee a solution to allotment theft, but they will certainly act as a deterrent while at the same time protect your valuable tools from the British weather.

Visit for a wide range of sheds, tool stores and storage units for your allotment or garden.


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