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How To Combat Tree Disease

11th June 2017

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The UK is at risk of losing millions of trees to pests and diseases which could seriously damage our beautiful gardens, landscapes and impact our wildlife populations. Whether in your garden, lining your street or abundant in local parks and woodland, trees offer a range of physical and mental health benefits. They allow you to connect with nature, offer shade on hot summer days and do play their part in combatting air and noise pollution.

Observatree is a project that aims to help protect UK trees, woods and forests from new pests and diseases through early detection and reporting. These procedures provide the highest chances of controlling or monitoring any outbreaks of problems. Keeping a record of where these issues are most prevalent could highlight trees or areas of the UK with natural resistance.

Observatree needs your help

While you are out and about, keep your eyes open for signs of three key pests and diseases, which are threatening some of the UK’s most iconic tree species.

Chalara ash dieback
Affects: ash
First UK recording: 2012
2017: Found across 42 per cent of the UK (source: Forestry Commission)

Sirococcus blight of cedar
Affects: cedar
First UK recording: 2014

Oriental chestnut gall wasp
Affects: sweet chestnut
First UK recording: 2015

How Observatree can help you

We have produced free, downloadable tool kits in order for you to complete these observations which include:

  • Downloadable guides
  • Reporting checklists
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Download your toolkit today by going to



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