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3 Top Tips for Summer Fruits

05th April 2017

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So, spring is already here, and it will soon be the favourite season for many – summer! You can begin to dream of its light days and mild nights, with sunshine and the time to grow a range of tasty fruits. When it comes to choosing what to cultivate in the summer, your options are endless. Read the following top tips from Pomona Fruits to help you decide which edibles to grow and how to take care of them.

1. Consider your climate

For fruits to flourish successfully, they need to be in the right place at the right time. In cooler areas, you are more likely to be able to grow cherries, apples and pears. However, in warmer conditions you will find it easier to cultivate fruits like apricots and peaches. Once you have considered the climate in your outdoor space, you can choose ones to suit the area and begin to research how to care for them. Although it doesn’t get extremely hot in the UK, temperatures can be high enough to cause your hard-working fruit trees to dry out, so you must keep them well hydrated throughout the season. You should also ensure that yields are not in danger of catching a disease or being snaffled by voracious birds. Check your trees regularly – if you notice any damaged fruits, remove these to prevent the spread of disease.

2. Types of summer fruits to grow

There are so many types that you can care for during this season. One of the main edibles that are grown between July and August is the blackberry. You can cultivate these in your garden – it’s important to check your blackberries are mature and a deep, vibrant purple colour before picking them. Other summer fruits that you can grow in your outdoor space include apricots, raspberries and strawberries.

3. How to use your harvests

Summer fruits are ideal for keeping your body hydrated throughout the hot weather. Instead of just eating the yields, why not mix things up a bit? With these edibles, you can make smoothies, squash and even add them to a pie or any other type of dessert.

These are only a few ideas for your fantastic harvests, but there are many different things you can do with them and various ways to grow them. Summer is a lovely time to chill out in the garden with your friends and family, so what is stopping you? Head down to your local garden centre and buy your favourite fruits to cultivate outdoors.


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