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  • Compost Shop

    Compost Shop

    The Compost Shop sells every thing you need to grow your own fruit and vegetables, from compost & topsoil to raised beds, vegetable plants and much more.

    We’re the UK's leading supplier of quality compost and topsoils in bags and bulk, we deliver nationwide next day at great prices with free delivery to most areas of the country.

    Our Fruit & Vegetable plant kits are the easiest way to get you vegetable garden growing, we deliver packs of ready to plant seedlings. The packs come in various sizes & mixes of varieties to suit your vegetable garden and tastes.

    Free Delivery - Huge Discounts

    Visit or call us on 0871 971 0988.

  • Design for Plastics

    Design for Plastics

    Rainwater Terrace® is a multi-award winning new to market product for rainwater collection promoting the reuse of valuable rainwater and ‘grow your own’ sustainability. Its unique patented modular design incorporates an integrated plant growing system enabling plants and herbs etc. to grow alongside the rainwater collection making it an attractive addition to any home.

    Rainwater Terrace® has numerous advantages over other rainwater collection units on the market, requiring no special tools or complicated plumbing and is very simple and quick to install.

    Rainwater Terrace® can be purchased as either a 2-Tier 134litre or a 3-Tier 200litre unit, for more information contact our sales team at Design 4 Plastics Ltd on 01937 845176 –

  • Grazers


    Grazers Ltd have been producing safe friendly products against rabbit, pigeon & deer damage for the last 13 years for farmers and more recently for garden use. This year, after independent trials, Grazers have launched "Grazers G2" against Slug & Snail damage. Safe for people, pets, and planet. Simply spray plants at risk with Grazers to strengthen and stimulate growth against damage. Available from garden centres, mail order or on line

  • Greenhouse Sensations

    Greenhouse Sensations

    Award-winning, British made gardening products
    Greenhouse Sensation’s website is packed with brilliant grow your own essentials and treats!
    For fuss-free summer watering and bigger harvests choose a best-selling Quadgrow or Duogrow planter which keeps plants watered for 2 weeks, or the Click & Drip which uses a timer to keep grow bags and raised beds watered. Or how about keeping the greenhouse tidy with seed tins, or treat someone to a money saving newspaper plant pot maker. 0845 602 3774

  • Harrod Horticultural

    Harrod Horticultural

    Harrod Horticultural – superior products for every garden
    For inspiration and innovation, discover the exclusive Harrod Horticultural designed and UK manufactured garden product range.

    · Fruit Cages
    · Raised Beds & Planters
    · Greenhouses & Equipment
    · Netting & Protection
    · Compost Bins
    · Water Butts
    · PLUS MORE......

    10% OFF QUOTE TFGYO at checkout –

  • Kakoi


    The perfect present for FATHER'S DAY
    The Unigrow is a great gift for gardeners who want to make the most out of their vegetables in 2014. It saves space, keeps things tidy and by holding the bag on its side, helps you get the best out of your grow bags.

    01256 896301

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