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Thread: Gardening for Butterflies & 2018 Butterfly Count

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    Default Gardening for Butterflies & 2018 Butterfly Count

    Inspired by Bigmallly's Challenge to grow Milkweed for Monarch butterflies - I'm taking a less challenging option by growing any plants, especially flowers, that attract butterflies - and I don't mean Cabbage Whites

    I want to see how many species visit the garden, list them and the plants that attract them - with photos if I'm quick enough!

    I know some of you are already butterfly enthusiasts so maybe you can suggest suitable plants - and add your garden/plot sightings to this thread.

    Let's make 2017 the Year of the Butterfly
    You're all welcome to join in
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    Great idea VC, in my wild flower bit out the front I have also set a couple of buddlea which I intend to clip into compact bushes to promote greater numbers of flower spikes
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    I'm in VC . My front garden & drive will be my butterfly attracting areas. Camera will be at the ready.

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    You get one guess :)


    I'm in just give me a nudge next year. On top of the milkweed and more flower planting (flower circle) I am hoping to do a mini meadow out front so hopefully this will be the kick up the bum for that bit

    Edit: Butterfly plant recommendations - ice plant (sedum), tree mallow (lavatera), buddleia and single dahlias.
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    Ooh count me in, I'm already growing for the bees (having a hive), hopefully they won't mind sharing!

    Scabious, hyssop, lavender, clover and Verbena bonariensis seem to be popular on my plot, though I get a lot of the little blue butterflies (not sure on species) rather than the bigger species. The bigger ones hang round and bask, but don't seem to feed there much.

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    Me too! All good ideas above but don't forget the caterpillars - so if you can fit it in a small patch of nettles will do wonders (in my garden there are far too many!!).

    The types you see will be governed to an extent by where you live and what the surrounding area consists of but the more we try the more will come.

    Hopefully everyone will get involved in the Butterfly count (see separate thread ) and record sightings there too.
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    It's not just flowers, you need the food species for the caterpillars, as well as some nettles, Ragwort and Honeysuckle are also on the list. Don't forget the moths too, species like night scented stock will attract the Hummingbird Hawk Moths.
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    I will give it a go on the new plot, which unfortunately has a Buddlea that has to go. Years of neglect have made it very woody and its position blocks too much light. I might plant a lilac tree at the top end
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