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Thread: Feeding wild birds in the garden

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    Kirk is offline Cropper
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    Feb 2013
    S Cambs/N Herts


    Feed them sunflower hearts and peanut bits and that is it.
    Find they ignore the sunflower hearts unless mixed with the peanut bits, bit odd.

    Get mine loose so it is usually 2 or 3 part peanuts to 1 part sunflower hearts.

    Need to build a new feeder for them soon. First need to check out the jigsaw for an internal cut for the design I use.
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    Aberdeenplotter is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jan 2009
    Mid Aberdeenshire


    I feed the blackbirds on purpose and starlings are self service. I put out suet pellets with mealworms and the blackbirds love them but once the starlings appear, the pellets are soon gone. I also put out halved apples which the blackbirds also love but the starlings ignore.
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    burnie is online now Veggie gardener
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    Jul 2006


    Someone on tv reckoned Starlings are in decline, not noticed it around here, we seem to have more not less. Showed my 7 year old grandson a small murmeration recently, he was amazed.

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    bikermike is offline Tuber
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    Nov 2017
    North London frontier


    reminds me, the hungry little things have eaten most of the stuff I put out last weekend (seeds and peanuts), need to top up (and sort out the fatball feeder).

    Does it annoy anyone else when they fight over the stuff and chase each other off? I keep wanting to go out and make them wait their turn... Bluetits and Coaltits seem to be the worst offenders.
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    DannyK is offline Tuber
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    Feb 2015
    Riddlesdown (S of Croydon)


    Don't forget feeding with plants.

    I purposely didn't prune the enormous ivy on the fence. Loads of wood pigeons and blackbirds.

    Callicarpa Profusion full of berries. Just seen first blackcap. Try to discourage other birds as only time we see blackcaps is on this shrub.

    Also have two feeders for sunflower hearts which are about 21 for 20kg on Ebay. Gave up on peanuts as squirrels kept breaking wire mesh and feeders gradually had to be shortened.

    Have got to arrange a baffle to stop squirrels and rats. Other problems are parakeets and feral pigeons that have learned to flap and hang on. Magpies seem to use same technique next door

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    Small pumpkin's Avatar
    Small pumpkin is online now Gone Fishing
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    Jun 2014
    Isle of Mull


    When I cut down my sunflowers down I tied the heads to the pear tree (bird feeding station). All the seeds disappeared. They were enjoyed by the birds or I'll have a massive sunflower invasion in the orchard next year. Either way it's good.
    Today I made some fat ball to hang in the tree tomorrow.
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