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Thread: Winter is coming.....cuisine for wildlife!

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    The pigeons are a big problem as well as parakeets in our garden.
    We have a hidden bird feeder in a nice bush for the tits, finches etc
    Mr Robin and his family ground feed under, as do any sparrows that may turn up.
    Will be looking to hang fat balls in the bush as well during the winter months
    I have to say that our neighbour but one has the all singing and dancing bird feeder that the parakeets make a bee line for
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarey55 View Post
    As we "speak" I am soaking some raisins and sultanas for the blackbirds, they seem to love them and by soaking, the birds get liquid if it is frosty (as it was here, this morning )
    I keep getting the urge to soak some dried fruit in something alcoholic. Sort of revenge.

    Mine get a steady supply of peanut granules and sunflower hearts, seem the peanuts are preferred so about 2:1 ratio.
    Also suet bits - the red fruit one seem preferred. Robin likes them.

    If I make up a "fat ball" recipe it is peanuts, sunflower hearts and dried sultanas through a grinder, melt the suet and mix in the ground stuff. Tend to just let it set in a plastic container then push it out and put it on a feeding station of some sort. Makes 3 or 4 at a time.

    Find the dried mealweorms are not popular. Can half understand it, not much in a dried mealworm after all. So I gave up buying them. Now it is about 2Kg of the other stuff a week. At least I can get it loose and so reasonable amounts without 25lb sacks lying around.
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