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    Default ground nesting bees

    Not strictly a beekeeping question, but as we have bee experts on here, I thought I'd ask.

    I have a small brassica cage in which I am rearing some young plants to overwinter. Today I noticed a number of small mounds of earth with holes in them, and became aware of quite a few bees buzzing about. There are probably about a dozen or so holes in all I reckon, in a space about 2 feet by 4 feet.

    I've googled mining bees, but can't find pics of the type I think these are, they have colouring like that of a honeybee.

    Anyone have any idea what they might be?
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    There are lots of solitary mining bees in the UK. Mostly Andrena species. Although they are solitary, they tend to nest and/or hibernate close together, presumably because they all tend to gravitate to where the soil is good for nesting.

    Have a look here for identification. I would suggest that Andrena flavipes is very like a honey bee, but so are some of the others.
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