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Thread: Bee keeping course

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    I went on one last year- it was 60, for 3 days spread over 3 weeks.

    I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot (despite reading a lot of book beforehand), and though we didn't do any bee handling on the course (it was in January, so it wouldn't really have been an option), it was run by the local beekeeping group, who then had handling sessions through the summer. The first one was free for those who'd been on the course, then it was just join the group- which cost something under 20 - for the rest of that year, which was great value. I must admit, only two or three of us out of the room of nearly 30 actually showed up to more than the taster session, though everyone seemed to enjoy it, and almost everyone seemed keen during the classes.

    Even though there were no bees, having a look at the kit was very useful, .

    I went to quite a few of the sessions, handed frames, but still haven't been stung. I want to find out if I'm allergic before I get a hive, but they just won't cooperate!

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    "I want to find out if I'm allergic before I get a hive, but they just won't cooperate!"

    Come and stand near our hives of French black bees crossed with Carniolans! It won't take more than a minute or two for you to be stung, even if you did nothing to them! They make spring gardening for us very problematic and I need to go back to a race of better tempered bees.

    Actually, the serious point is to take some time where you get your first bees from and try to make sure you have a well tempered strain. The thing most likely to put people off beekeeping is having bad tempered bees! Of course, the original strain doesn't last for long, but never keep the queens of hives which are vicious, and let them raise a new one.

    Of course, as you might expect, the worst bees often gather the most honey!

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