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Thread: What's your top tip for pest control

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    Default What's your top tip for pest control

    Just thought I would ask you your top tip for controlling garden pests?

    I use nematodes to control slugs in my brassicas tunnels, I have tried the grow your nematodes method but found it useless.

    What's you top tip?

    Gentle word of warning.....any mention of cruelty towards any wildlife may result in actions being taken against the poster
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    Yes, me too! Without nemaslug, I don't think I'd be growing much veg, I have that many slugs here. Nemaslug takes the numbers down dramatically, and at home I treat every year, but on the plot I don't have to do it every year.
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    Call them rude names?

    Actually, I don't do much at all. Never used nema-things.
    I suppose my top tip is - it happens, don't worry about it.
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    I must be fortunate as I don't have a huge problem with bugs or slugs, maybe move further north? When I lived in England I found beer traps worked...………………..caught me every time.

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    I generally let the pests and predators fight it out among themselves. My garden is too small to have much of a problem. Any slugs I find are re-located to the dalek.
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    Well it's not such a good idea to use snapper traps in the green house....or perhaps I shouldn't go in there in slippers

    I always have trouble with mice/voles etc I cant use the greenhouse to start peas or beans off ever.
    I get a lot of Woodlice that nibble seedlings- I just squish everything I see

    I try to plant extras or cover over stuff at night with trays / fleece etc.

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    We have voles and field mice galore, but that's part of the fun of being in the countryside. Hibou (cat) eats about 20 a day and we have plenty of owls and I keep thinking we should put up a couple of owlboxes.
    The one thing I do actively do against pests is use fleece over my carrot bed. It stays there most if the year and certainly makes a difference as well as bringing the plants on with the added warmth.
    We also put fleece over the brassicas to try and keep off the butterflies. I don't like netting anymore as we've accidentally trapped birds by their feet and hedgehogs before now.

    Soapy water on greenfly and blackfly does help if caught early, but I prefer Scarlet's 'squish method'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Well it's not such a good idea to use snapper traps in the green house....or perhaps I shouldn't go in there in slippers
    I tried them and caught a frog , so stopped. Also worried about catching robins, which often come in. You could try them in boxes. I might do that as I would like some Cape gooseberries this year.
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