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Thread: APRIL 28th 2016 - SOUTHEAST - SNOW!!

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    There were warnings on here about the cold and snow to come, and plenty on weather forecasts on TV and online weather sites
    I was expecting a dusting of snow, nothing significant, and yes I was aware of a period of unseasonable cold heading this way. As stated though we do tend to miss the worst weather events down here so (to me) it was still a surprise even though it was half expected and given the timing of it. TWO is a good forecast site that I check most days. It's not perfect of course and never will be, it's a forecast afterall and subject to constant change. Better than most though ie. the online BBC weather service which is just hopeless - barely get it right when giving current local weather conditions nevermind 48 hours ahead.

    I could've put a bit of fleece protection over the plants, granted, so that's my oversight.
    But I haven't watered recently so that should've reduced the effects of the cold nights some. I won't really know if anything has been affected until it warms up again.

    Next week it's set to be back in the high teens........
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