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Thread: First frost :(

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    Apr 2015
    NW Cumbria


    Down to 4 degrees on the plot last night, but everything seems quite happy, still. I'm itching to start 're-modelling' for next year, though - starting to get impatient.
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    I don't use lights either. Therefore early February is my start time, as there isn't enough natural light available for growing on if I was to start earlier than that, and the plants would stall in their development i.e. the advantage of starting so early would be lost.

    I agree this year hasn't been the best. I've been shielded from the disappointment to an extent in that I've been harvesting from last years sowings; these plants were already sufficiently developed to start flowering this year despite the cold (and I'm sure my southerly location helps enormously).
    But I took the shade cloth off of the greenhouse early in August after the weather became so rubbish for the time of year that the shading became counterproductive (and the long term forecasts were predicting no let up for the rest of the month).
    The superhots I could accommodate have been back indoors since mid August for the same reason - I don't think my Moruga Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, and Scotch Bonnets would have cropped at all if I hadn't done that. Funnily enough the Fatalii's stayed in the greenhouse and they cropped and ripened no problem. Thai types and Aji's likewise. But there was no room for Paper Lantern and Carolina Reaper indoors, so they're still very green and not many of them. They'll have to be a windowsill job once they're picked.

    The GH stock should be okay where they are until the middle of next month, even though autumn has come early this year.

    Surprised you've had frost already though, Bacchus. Bring in what you can now and hopefully they'll start flowering. There's a few weeks of productivity to go yet provided the warmth is there.

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    Nov 2014
    county down


    Yes I'm starting to think about bringing a few in. If I get a chance tomorrow I'll take a few pictures of where things are at. I've far too many to bring in them all - so I think it will be mostly the superhots, not necessarily to fruit this year but to get a head start for next year through overwintering.

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    Mmmmm.. Surprised you had frost this early Bacchus, but it is a timely reminder which way we are heading
    I would bring mine in too, but I have way too many so will have to be selective....That plus the fact that I already have about 18 plants inside all summer anyways
    So, if I was to start arriving into the house with armfuls of plants, there would be an outbreak of "raised eye" syndrome

    I have had a reasonable year with my chilli and pepper plants....Loads of Jalapenos, Cayenne, Anaheim and one new to me, Chilaca was good too...My Red Habanero (overwintered) is starting to fly now too..............
    On the pepper side, Antohi Romanian and Sweet Banana did well in addition to the usuals.
    I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives....

    ...utterly nutterly

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    Dublin, Ireland. East Coast.


    I left my peppers outdoors in the garden while i was away and only brought them back into the greenhouse yesterday after two weeks. Doesnt seem to have done them any harm although i am sure it slowed them down somewhat.
    They still have chillis and blossom on.

    And when your back stops aching,
    And your hands begin to harden.
    You will find yourself a partner,
    In the glory of the garden.

    Rudyard Kipling.

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    Feb 2015
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    First frost on cars and few roofs. Nothing on grass

    Clear sky.

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    chris_m is offline Rooter
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    Jun 2017
    South Cumbria


    A bit on my lawns this morning, but mostly on the moss rather than the grass.

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    Jun 2017
    selkirk Scottish borders


    I am obviously in a frost pocket, a glistening white 1 degree here

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