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    Default yellow marks on kale

    I have blue vates curled kale, red russian and nero di tosca, all growing really well but now they are all getting yellow sorts of bubbles on them. I have been trying to cut the affected leaves straight away, but if I leave them they get a sort of white powder in the 'bubbles'. I assume it is some sort of desease, does anyone have any suggestions please as I don't want it to spread any more.


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    Not much help here I'm afraid!
    Only to say I had this problem last year and never did find out what it was. It wasn't fatal but disfigured some of the leaves. The leaves appeared to be 'leaching' salts on some of the older leaves and I thought it was a trait of my clubroot resistant cabbage it affected. I think kale is in this type of cabbages ancestry also.

    It is probably a fungal disorder but I've no idea how to treat it!
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    I've never seen anything like that on my brassicas
    Sounds like you're probably doing the right thing to take the leaves off though!
    Is there no mention of it in Hessayon? (Vegetable Expert book) He usually lists more diseases etc than I've ever heard of! Perhaps it would be a good thing to put in the magazines 'Ask the Experts' section?!

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    Just had a look in Hessayon - couldn't see anything that looked or sounded like what alipally has described.
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