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Thread: winter...

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    Default winter...

    I've been away for a couple of week (OH happy to take full control).

    Two winter related observations:

    1) The onions sown at the end of Jan have nearly caught up the October planted sets! The snow came down so early this year that onions and garlic hadn't popped their heads up and have only done so in the last three weeks.

    2) The overwintered Habenero has not only started flowering (as someone else has seen on another thread), but has set fruit! Given that the room it's in is not that warm and certainly not very bright I'm astonished.

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    Your Hab news has given me hope. I've managed to overwinter 2 Razzamatazz chilli plants in an unheated rom. They've slowly started to develop tiny new leaves in the last week or two. I was wondering whether to move them to somewhere a bit warmer but given your results, I think they can stay where they are for the time being.

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    Perkin - I'm growing Razzmatazz and they're at about the same stage as yours.

    Jacob - I've often wondered if it is worth bothering overwintering. From my experience (and that's not nearly as much as a lot on here, so I may be put right ) my early spring sowings catch up with the overwintered ones.

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    My overwintered chillies have little tiny leaves too, and they are already smothered in aphids
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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