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Thread: What a find!

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    Claralara is offline Germinator
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    May 2010

    Default What a find!

    Hi all

    This is my first visit to this site and what a find! I was looking for advice on what to feed my courgette plants which I am just about to plant out (very nervous because they are my babies!). I have discovered a whole world of information and like minded people here. Thank you for all the advice I have seen and learnt in just a few minutes. I shall be a regular visitor to this site.

    Thanks again all!

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    Lowestoft, Suffolk
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    Welcome to the Vine, Clara. Please add your location to your profile, then we won't have to keep asking where you are if you ask for advice.

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    Bren In Pots's Avatar
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    Hello and welcome to the vine Clara

    If you didn't find the info you needed post your question and someone will be along soon with the answer.

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    Feb 2010
    Brittany, France



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    Jul 2009
    In hope, near Heathrow


    Welcome to the vine Claralara - we'd love to hear about what you are growing (and where, of course) - and join in the chat on the chat thread if you want!
    Whooops - now what are the dogs getting up to?

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    Hi there Carla! Welcome to the vine, hows it going? I hope your having a good weekend enjoying some lovely sunshine! The search facility on here is also good for finding answers to most of your questions. It will often find a trhread already on here with your answers! Still as we say you can always ask, Someone will answer you soon enough! I just used tomato food for my courgettets last year! It was my 1st time growing them, they did ok on that, I just planted this years lot out in my squash bed today! I put a hand full of chicken manure pellets in the hole, poped the pre watered plants in pree watered soil, then gave them a little drink to settle them in. They are thirsty little babies so water them regularly, dont let them dry out too much! I was a bit hit and miss with watering mine last year, so they did not do as well as they might of had I been a bit more regular with a drink for them Still they gave me more than enough for just me!
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